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"After living on Denton Street just 5 days short of 17 years, I want to say thank you for the excellent service provided by FRPM. The staff at FRPM is top-notch! Most of my interaction has been with Sheila and Marie. I have always been impressed with their kindness, professionalism and customer service. They are great!

"I appreciate the way I've been treated by FRPM and Mrs. Aschenbrenner. I always felt that I was respected -- not the usual attitude taken by property management companies in my experience. Thank you!

"I will happily sing the praises of FRPM to anyone I know looking for a place to rent or a property management company. I wish you continued success!"

Carrie Barton


"By the way I wanted to thank you and your team for doing a great job over these past few years. I wish more things were as smooth as this property."

George - Santa Rosa, California


"Thank you very much to all of you for your hard work and effort. I really feel this rental is in good hands and I could not have asked more from any of you. At the end of the day, you should feel good about the work you do and know that you're providing a great service and peace of mind. Have a great weekend."

Kristen - Lafayette, California


"Thanks for all of your help. If you ever need a reference from someone out of state, please feel free to use me. Your whole team has been wonderful to work with."

Luciano - San Carlos, California


"Your management team is one of the best that I deal with in property management. I have a lot of other stuff in other states, and I feel that your team at FRPM is very very good!!"

Gary - Reno, Nevada


"We are grateful for your perseverance on this issue, and the same perseverance that becomes your reputation in holding people accountable to the agreements made in business transactions."

Tom and Erica - Richmond, California


"All of you there are great, thank you for the good service."

Janet - Portland, Oregon


"Thanks so much for getting our property rented, all of you are amazing! We haven't received rent on this property for 5 months, so we are feeling very grateful for the 16 month lease! Glad we found you and your company to manage our property."

Katie and Joel - Mukilteo, Washington


"I LOVE how you are all so 'on top of it.'
Very nice. Thank you everyone!
I have several property managers, and I can say with confidence, . . .
You are ALL the best there is!"

Chris - Boise, Idaho


"Thank you for being so attentive . . . everyone at FRPM continues to impress me! Friends often ask me how can I be comfortable owning property so far away out of state. I always tell them I'm blessed to have the management team we have. I tell them they do a better job than I could do myself . . . Hopefully some of them will take my advice and purchase in Boise! Thanks again,"

Rich - Danville, California