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Leasing Services

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Yard signs are the least expensive form of advertising, yet very effective, which is why we post our signs on the properties the moment that notice is received by the tenant. We are the only property management company in Boise to have reflective signs. At night, the words FOR RENT and our phone number glow and beam at passing traffic.

Banners and Billboards

First Rate Property Management uses banners, directionals, bus stop benches and permanent signs posted all over the Boise, Meridian and Eagle area; all of which generate calls daily.

Classified Ads

The local print classified advertising is becoming less and less effective and is the most expensive. First Rate Property Management receives the largest advertising discount allowed by the local paper. Our advertising tracking system is the best in the business.


Our web address is posted on every sign, form and ad that we have. The Internet is far-reaching and assists in bringing us highly qualified tenants. Our Internet advertising posts all available rentals to over one hundred websites and the top rental search engines.


Referrals are a great source of new tenants. First Rate Property Management works closely with corporate relocation departments and companies that specialize in relocation of corporate people, such as Hewlett-Packard, Micron and hospitals. First Rate Property Management offers referral fees to all of our tenants.

Yellow Pages

First Rate Property Management still advertises in the Yellow Pages, but mostly because of the search engine results for tenants looking to find a rental in the the Boise, Meridian and Eagle, Idaho areas.

Tenant Screening

Screening prospective tenants is more important and more complicated than ever before.


All income is verified via W-2, Income Tax Returns or pay stubs.

Landlord Reference

First Rate Property Management not only checks with the current Landlord, but we also check with the previous Landlord. Many times, current Landlords will lie, in hopes that the tenants will move. The previous Landlord has nothing to gain and will give you the most honest evaluation.

Credit Reports

The credit history is checked for all applicants.

Criminal Background

The criminal background of all applicants is checked. Applicants with recorded incidents of violence, crimes sexual in nature or numerous disturbances are declined.


Verification of employment is required for all applicants.


The right lease agreement can sometimes mean the difference between making a profit or not. As part of our services, we provide you with leases and agreements designed to protect you, your investment and your income.

Rental Agreement

Our Rental Agreement is very detailed and spells out the tenant's responsibilities to nearly every detail. To date, our rental agreement has never lost a day in court.


We have a full-time leasing staff to answer prospective tenant questions and personally meet them at your property.


First Rate Property Management does not recommend that prospective tenants drive by the property first. Instead, we prefer meeting them at the property to show them the amenities of the property and the neighborhood and allowing the property to sell itself.


Turnovers are expensive. That's why we send tenants a renewal letter. Depending on the market, this letter may offer a re-signing bonus or rent credit for extending the current rental agreement. Within the renewal letter we also address maintenance requests and referral fees paid to the tenant.