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First Rate Property Management specializes in the professional management of residential rental properties. The purpose of our newsletters is to inform those looking to invest in the Boise market, the factors surrounding the financial performance. One such factor is residential vacancy numbers and the movement of rents. Therefore we regularly post vacancy statistics, along with rental market trends. Other factors in financial performance is knowing property values. Therefore we also report on the Real Estate market and where values are moving. Regardless if Boise property values are going up or down, the data is crucial in making the best decision to buy or sell an investment property. Lastly, the other factors related to real estate financial performance are expenses. So we post how First Rate Property Management controls those costs and provides hints on how to decrease those costs. Most of the data is specific to Ada County (Boise, Meridian and Eagle), although much of the rental market data is relative to Canyon County (Nampa and Caldwell) as well. When appropriate we report national rental statistics and how the market and trends relate to Boise Landlords and Renters. Remember, we at First Rate Property Management are not just property managers, we're investors too.

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First Rate Property Management's online newsletters aren't just for our clients and investors. Many Boise area real estate appraisers and Realtors subscribe to keep up on the rental and real estate market within Boise, Meridian and Eagle. We also have a handful of insurance agents, accountants and other professionals who work with the real estate industry following. Even competing Boise property management companies subscribe to keep up with the valuable market data that we post as well as the many new services that our professional management company is constantly adding to better serve our clients and tenants. Additionally we have subscribers across the nation.