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FRPM and NARPM Family Has Me in Awe

Since January, when First Rate Property Management announced that the American Brain Tumor Association ( was chosen as their main charity for 2015, I have been in awe and full of emotion.  I don't even know where to start.  Do I start with the amount raised to-date, or acknowledge those who have donated so generously and my sincere appreciation, or do I first describe the emotions of it all.

Funds Raised

FRPM's goal is to raise $5,000 by September, 2015.  In just two months and with only a handful of contributors, we have raised over $1,600.  NARPM's goal is to raise $250,000 and to-date they have raised over $125,000.  Now you know why I am in awe and struggle with what to report first.

Generosity and Appreciation

The first to contribute were our FRPM employees, who are having funds removed from each paycheck.  What an amazing Group.  Thank you Liz Robson, Lizz Loop, Tara Pecora, Marie Swanson, Dawn Lambert, Terri Franklin, Kadie Byers, Hannah Ross, Debra Cardin, Melissa Sharone, and Kristen Curtis.  This amazing team also donated Personal Time Off and money when Kristen, who is pregnant, lost her fiancé in a terrible accident earlier this year.  I am so proud of my team.

Next to commit were several of our wonderful contractors.  We're so appreciative for the work they do at the properties, but also the relationships we have developed.  I would like to thank the following contractors for their contributions:  Property Maintenance Plus, Desert to Oasis, and Home Town Lawn Care.  You guys rock.

The support and donations from our owners is so awesome.  Thank you to Lee Pearson, Cam and Mary Houlgate, Malia Thomas, Gary Elrod, Aaron and Harmony White, Robert and Teresa Abbott, Mike and Mary Jane Swope, and Mike and Carla Gamblin.  Please know that I do believe that your contributions will make a difference.

Last but certainly not least, is my NARPM family.  Property Managers across the nation have contributed over $100,000 in 3 events, with 2 events left to go.  Also, NARPM is blessed to have great Affiliate Vendors who are always willing to step up and give, and to-date they have contributed about $11,000.  And when I call them my "NARPM Family," it's not just a nice way to introduce them; it's really how I feel.  Thank you peeps -- I am in awe of your generosity and selflessness.

A Few Property Managers Who Donated $5,000 or More

Property Managers who donated to the ABTA

Property Managers who donated to the ABTA

Property Managers who donated to the ABTA


To begin with, choosing ABTA has created a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Participating in this endeavor -- and in some sense leading it -- has me sitting on Cloud 9.  But being this involved, I am constantly reminded of why I chose this charity and the loved ones it has affected.  Some have survived, while others have not.  And just recently, another one of my NARPM family members has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  It's all so very sad.

But just as this roller coaster of emotions hits bottom, it starts to rise again.  When I stood in front of 650 property managers last month and over $100,000 was raised within minutes, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I cannot explain my feelings, other than to say I am in absolute awe of you all.  Thank you so much.

Join the Fight

If you would like to partner with FRPM in the fight against brain cancer, we can assist you in sending your donation to the American Brain Tumor Association.

First Rate Property Management is not the only company participating in this charity fund raising event.  See the article from the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  Since FRPM is one of thousands of property management companies looking to raise funds, and because we need to track those funds and our progress to our goal, please write your donation check payable to "The Hampton Roads Foundation" -- referencing the ABTA on your check -- and mail or drop off to First Rate Property Management at 7150 Potomac Drive, Boise, ID  83704.  First Rate Property Management will forward your donation to the Hampton Roads Foundation and the ABTA.  That way we can track the funds our owners, tenants and contractors donated, and everyone who donates will receive a receipt to use for tax purposes.

Make your donation check payable to:

The Hampton Roads Foundation
(reference the ABTA on your check)

Mail or deliver your donation check to:

First Rate Property Management
7150 Potomac Drive
Boise, ID  83704


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Tony Drost broke down with a dead battery on the Las Vegas Strip

Tony Drost, President, First Rate Property Management, Inc.
Tony Drost, President
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