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Boise Area Rental Market

Vacancy dropped just slightly to less than 4.5%. Based on the number of pending applications, I suspect that the vacancy will continue to slowly drop through the remainder of July. The single family homes are renting up fairly quickly. However, I have a few multi-family units that aren’t moving at all. In fact we aren’t even showing them that much. It’s always fun trying to figure out why a property isn’t renting? Is it location? Is the wording in our marketing not as good as others? Curb appeal? Price? What? We make a few deductions, such as if the call volume is as high as other properties, then we know that the marketing is good. If we are scheduling a lot of appointments we know that our leasing team is responding to these leasing inquiries and adequately selling the property. But if we aren’t getting applications at that point, it could be location, property condition, or price. First Rate Property Management adjusts for bad location by adjusting the rent down or offering an incentive. Sometimes it’s the condition of the surrounding properties, not necessarily the one First Rate Property Management handles. So we tend to drop price temporarily and then work on notice to the surrounding neighbors to get things cleaned up, like a nice little note to the HOA letting them know that the grounds look trashy. So rent amount can typically fix all of the above, but I wanted you to know that we evaluate and identify these trends each week and take the necessary actions to get things moving.

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Additional Insured:
First Rate Property Management requires each of our clients to list us as additional insured. The reasoning for this has recently been questioned, so we have added this to our Owner’s frequently asked questions. Please click here to view the question and the answer as to why this protects the owner/investor more than it protects First Rate Property Management.

Sales Market:
As you probably heard on the news, the Feds extended the tax credit date, but only for those deals that were already under contract before the previous deadline. Interest rates are as low as I’ve ever seen them. In fact, I’m refinancing my own home at 4.375%. I had been holding out on refinancing because of the costs to refinance would take me 1.5 years to recover and I was thinking that if the right property came out as an REO or foreclosure, I would jump on it. But that hasn’t happened, so I am going to go ahead and refinance. Besides, if the right deal comes down, I think I will have the potential of making hundreds of thousands on it, so a few thousand in lost closing costs on a refi are negligible.

I am still pleased with the investment opportunities out there. Please take a look at the Boise Investment Properties Team’s listings. And to view all of the Swope Investment Properties listings, click here.

On average, First Rate Property Management deals with some sort of water loss each month. Sometimes there is significant damage and sometimes very little. Because of this, we have purchased equipment to respond quickly to include dehumidifiers and air movers. Recently I discovered a water leak in my own home. This leak had been going on for a very long time and went unnoticed because the leak was a very small one and I have tile floors which were set after the cabinets and served as dams, keeping the water contained under the cabinet. Because the cabinets had legs, the actual cabinet box had no signs of damage. Eventually we noticed the toe-kick of the cabinet had a color change. After further investigation we discovered the leak and immediately began the clean up.

Over all these years, I have never seen an insurance company cover a leak that caused damage over a length of time. In fact, they typically specifically excluded those types of leaks and use words such as “SUDDEN LOSS”. Well, my company did. I encourage you all to check with your agents to see if your policy specifically excludes undetected leaks that occurred over a length of time. I would also ask if you have a rental rider which ensures you coverage of any loss rent due to damages so significant that the tenant has to move out. If you don’t have either, I would recommend that you add those to your policy.

Anyway, my insurance adjuster came to the house and was impressed with the work that I had done and how quickly I had gotten it done. Which amazes me since I did 90% of the work at that time? First Rate Property Management not only knows how to care for your water losses, but we also have the equipment to save you and your insurance provider a lot of money.

FRPM Summer Retreat:
Every year, First Rate Property Management holds a summer retreat. Over the past few years, we have held it right below Tamarack resort in a campground on Cascade Lake. As you have read from past posts, the summer is a busy time for us. There never seems to be enough time. So we hold this retreat right in the middle of summer so that we can break up the frantic pace and let our hair down if you will by just going out and having fun. We do close the office down for half a day to do this, but we hire a contractor to field any afterhours emergency calls. This year’s retreat will be held on July 30th thru August 1st. Below are some photos of past retreats.


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Boise Area Rental Market

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