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Local News Station Reports: Cost of Rent on the Rise

First Rate Property Management's blog gets a lot of attention and I guess we shouldn't be surprised that when the media decides to research a topic, they too hit the web. Last week we posted the rent and vacancy reports from the SW Idaho Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and it got KTVB's attention. Below is a video and a link to their story. In our summary, we point out that the data shows that rents appear to have stabilized. The title of their news report is "Cost of Rent on the Rise." I guess our fault for not agreeing to meet face-to-face. Being the first of the month, we just didn't have the time. So to clarify, the cost to rent has been on the rise and, based on the data, it appears to be stabilizing. Once all of the new construction is completed, we might see a bit of a correction. Only time will tell.

Report: Boise rental prices grow faster than national average (
Deren Martinez/KTVB and Emily Valla/KTVB

Tony Drost, President, First Rate Property Management, Inc.
Tony Drost, President
First Rate Property Management, Inc.
Boise, Idaho
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