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1st Quarter Vacancy Results

The SW Idaho Chapter of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) just released their 1st quarter vacancy survey . The overall average vacancy is 3.7% which is considerably lower than the last recorded national average of 6.9%. 

The results that are graphed below break down the vacancy between counties in SW Idaho as well as multifamily compared to single family.  As you can see the multifamily for Ada county is currently sitting at 5% and the single family at 2.5%.  For Canyon county the rates are at 2.9% for multifamily and 3.5% for single family.  We are starting to see the vacancy rise slightly due to the time of year but these results as well as FRPM's vacancy are still at almost a record low for the past 3 years.  These numbers are still allowing rents to increase, which is keeping the market strong. 

To read full report click here. NARPM 1st quarter 2017 vacancy survey

Melissa Sharone

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